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Sixx:A.M. is a band that has beaten the odds at every corner. From their inception as a recording project to becoming a full time band, to the band’s longevity, to their success on the music charts, and to the dedication of their fan base. Sixx:A.M. have never followed a plan for success but one of passion for the music. I don’t think anyone including former Motley Crue bassist Nikki SIxx, producer/artist James Michael, or former Beautiful Creatures/Guns n Roses guitarist DJ Ashba thought they would still be a group when they first got together in 2007.



Not only are they together but they are on the road touring for their 2016 album release of ‘Prayers for the Damned’ Vol. I. Even better for fans of Sixx:A.M. is that during the tour promoting ‘PftD” the band released a follow up album ‘ Prayers for the Blessed’ Vol. II. Yes, that’s two albums in one year and great music on both releases. What we’re here for though is SIxx:A.M. live. This is the first time seeing the band since the Modern Vintage tour so I am looking forward to hearing some of the new material live.



Sixx, Ashba, and Michael once again complete the band line with Dustin Steinke (now Sixx:A.M.’s permanent drummer) and vocalists Melissa Harding and Amber VanBuskirk. Since this is not a headlining tour, I knew the performance would be condensed timewise but I still expected a stellar performance. Sixx:A.M. started the show with ‘Stars’. During the first song Michaels was already in the crowd and going up into the seats to sing to the crowd. They continued the set with laying down a groove with ‘This is Gonna Hurt’.



I was waiting to hear the band’s latest music and that’s exactly what they gave they fans. They played ‘Rise’, ‘Prayers for the Damned’, and the newest single ‘We Will Not Go Quietly’. The band would finish up by playing ‘Life is Beautiful’ which should always be a staple in the bands setlist. Sixx:A.M. proved to be a band that still want to rock n’ roll by putting out great music and a great live show. I was hoping to hear more but that was the end of their performance. Hopefully the band is making plans to do a headlining tour in support of ‘Prayers for the Blessed’ Vol. II in 2017.



For The Complete Sixx:A.M. Photo Gallery for this show click HERE



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