Escape The Fate prepare to release their fifth and most versatile album “Hate Me”


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As Escape The Fate prepare to release their fifth and most versatile album “Hate Me”, the band supplies ten tracks to please both older fans while expanding their fan base musically. With a release date of October 30th via Eleven Seven Music, “Hate Me” mixes both their harder metal edge and their more melodic pop rock side.

Escape The Fate frontman Craig Mabbitt states “this new album is, without any question in my mind, the best thing that has ever borne the Escape The Fate name by a distance”. Out of the gate the band shows the heavier edge of the opening track “Just a Memory”. This is in your face with shredding guitars and vocals which includes screaming and would please fans of their previous outings.

After the punch in the face with the opening track, Escape The Fate picks you off the ground and gives you a chance to catch your breath with their more melodic Hard pop side with tracks like “”Live For Today”, “Remember Every Scar”, and “Breaking Me Down”.

The songs are very different in tempo, attitude, arrangements, and tone with a continuity of meaningful and intelligent lyrics. What you get on this album is various sides of Escape The Fate that show expansion and a fearlessness to go against the grain by creating music that caters to themselves more than what would be expected.

Craig Mabbitt also states “Sonically we’ve always been a diverse band who have everything from ballads to really heavy songs – and our fans expect that – but I think on this album we’ve gone full force with it. The heaviest songs are the heaviest we’ve ever written, and the poppy songs are the poppiest we’ve ever done. We came to this kind of ‘Who cares what people think of us’ realization this time around – we’re amplifying everything that we love about this band in all directions and it has been incredibly liberating.”

Escape The Fate still shows their heavier side with other tracks like “Les Enfants Terribles (The Terrible Children), “I Won’t Break”, and the title track “Hate Me”.

If you are looking to hear Escape The Fate as they were in the past, you will still get glimpses of them on specific tracks, if you want to hear where the band is and where they are going “Hate Me” is that album. I enjoy the path they are taking and I hope you will also.



Track Listings:

  • Just a Memory
  • Live For Today
  • Remember Every Scar
  • Breaking Me Down
  • Alive
  • Get Up, Get Out
  • Hate Me
  • Les Enfants Terribles (The Terrible Children)
  • I Won’t Break
  • Let Me Be


Here is Escape The Fate’s video for the song “Alive”

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