Teramaze release “Her Halo” via Music Theories Records / Mascot Label Group today



Hard work pays off in the world of music as Teramaze plant their own flag in whatever scene pertains to their music. Sometimes it takes one album, sometimes it takes more. Persistence pays off, and Melbourne, Australia’s Teramaze go forward with new vocalist Nathan Peachey and a new record deal with Mascot Label Group.

As the skeletal design of Her Halo is glued together by a proven song structure, the record possesses a concept. The narrative is wrapped around the subject matter of the ups and downs of dealing with fame, being persona non grata, love triangles, and the thin line between passion and friendship; issues which we all can relate to. Combine those themes around anthem riddled tunes and it’s a recipe for a fleshly executed record with a wide appeal that will appeal to musicians and music fans alike. Her Halo has massive potential to reach a broader base of fans; metal heads, straight out proggers who might otherwise like their heavy ear candy in moderation, AOR and melodic rock junkies that want to hear more out of the songs, and of course, and the faithful ProgPower crowd.

With today’s release of Teramaze “Her Halo”, the band has released a music video to coincide with the title track.



Here is Teramaze video for the title track – “Her Halo”



Album Tracklist:

1. An Ordinary Dream (13:51)
2. To Love A Tyrant (8:02)
3. Her Halo (5:24)
4. Out of Subconscious (5:26)
5. For The Innocent (5:03
6. Trapeze (4:42)
7. Broken (5:59)
8. Delusions of Grandeur (9:49)



Here is video of Teramaze members discussing the making of the album




Teramaze “Her Halo” album cover

Mayhem Music Magazine Teramaze Her Halo 10


Here is the Teramaze’s website and social links:


Twitter: @teramazemusic

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