Pop-Punk Crew Why Everyone Left have released a lively video for single ‘Bouch’. Continuing their trend of DIY-ing it, frontman Enzo was responsible for directing, with the addition of drawn elements from artist Luca Zetti. Enzo commented: “I wanted the visuals to match perfectly with the song, so not the usual playback stuff… it kinda looks more like a hip-hop video!” View it here. ‘Bouch’ is the lead single and the first track that was written for upcoming EP ‘This Is Not A Test’, which will be self-released on 2nd November.


Completed by Luca on Drums, Luca Bi on Bass and Thomas on Guitar, the quartet formed Why Everyone Left in 2013, as Enzo says: “from the ashes of other bands, everyone in our local scene was quitting music at the time, except for us.” Taking their name from a Real Friends track, despite cementing themselves as an upbeat pop-punk act, they have had serious intentions from the beginning, saying: “I think most of the small bands in our scene don’t take this as a real job. That changes everything. We put all the time we have in this, every day, if you’ll treat it as a hobby it won’t be more than a hobby.” This approach has seen the Italian crew already sharing stages with the likes of Four Year Strong, Waterparks, As It Is and Seaway; touring the UK and mainland Europe, and releasing two prior EPs.

For ‘This Is Not A Test’, the band was determined to be very hands-on, with Enzo producing and recording all bar the drums himself and Seb Barlow (Neck Deep, WSTR, As It Is) at Celestial Productions handling mixing duties. The resultant 5-tracker sees the band declaring: “I think we finally found our way with this EP. The previous ones were too heterogeneous, this time there’s a connection from start to finish.” Taking influence from the likes of State Champs, Four Year Strong and A Day To Remember, ‘This Is Not A Test’ sounds like long summers spent drinking with your friends, delivering big, bouncy riffs and infectious vocal hooks. The band reveals their hopes for listeners of the release: “We want them to have a good time with the fun songs like Whiskey & Coke, and wish they’ll feel better and less lonely during their hard times, with the sadder songs like Dead Inside.”

Why Everyone Left ‘This Is Not A Test’


1. Pick You Up

2. Stand By

3. Bouch

4. Whiskey & Coke

5. Dead Inside


Why Everyone Left Self-Release ‘This Is Not A Test’ On 02/11/18.

Pre-Order at hyperurl.co/fre5jr

More from Why Everyone left: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram  | Spotify

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