Finnish hard rock band Wishing Well released their debut album “Chasing Rainbows” today,  February 5th 2016. “Chasing Rainbows” features many styles from melodic hard rock from the title track to the doom metal of “Sacrifice”. There are fast power metal influenced tracks like “Science Fiction” and soft ballads like “I’ll Never Let You Go”. Lead vocalist Peter James Goodman is a classic metal singer whose vocal performance oozes passion and power throughout the album.

Peter James Goodman says: This album was a lot of fun to record and there’s a lot of feeling there. Graham Bonnet’s great performance on “Hippie Heart” really motivated me to give all I’ve got, I wanted to make sure all my vocals are as good as his, though our styles are of course different and you can’t really compete with Graham, he’s one of a kind.”

The band released the first single cut “Hippie Heart Gypsy Soul” featuring Graham Bonnet

The album was recorded at Big Fat Studios in Helsinki July-October 2015 with Henrik Sirelä, an experienced recording engineer who has worked with many music genres from hard rock to folk and hip hop. All music was written and rehearsed before the band went to the studio so only 10 studio days were used to complete recording the album.

The band consists of vocalist Peter James Goodman, drummer Rip Radioactive, bassist Richard Becker and guitar player Anssi Korkiakoski, who also played bass on the album. “The songs were written over a long period of time. Only “Hippie” was written last summer during a jam session, just before we went to the studio for the first time in July. We had some more material to use but we decided to use only these nine songs to make the best possible album representing all sides of the band”, says Anssi Korkiakoski who has written all songs on the album.

“This kind of music may not be all the rage nowadays but we still believe in melodic hard rock and metal. I hope that this album reaches those people who like classic heavy rock from 70’s and 80’s. It’s going to be interesting to see how people feel about our album. We’re proud of what we’ve done and look forward to working hard and taking the band forward. Our heads are in the clouds but we keep our feet down on the ground at the same time”, says Anssi.

Wishing Well Video for “Chasing Rainbows”

Check out Chasing Rainbows on Spotify HERE


Wishing Well Chasing Rainbows front cover



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