With more than 20 years (and counting) on the Foo Fighters drum throne and detours with the Coattail Riders and Birds of Satan, Taylor Hawkins reluctantly steps into the spotlight with his first ever album released under his own name, KOTA.

Whatever KOTA means, the six-song mini-LP takes off like Queen on a skateboard, featuring Hawkins on lead vocals and nearly every instrument, with help from a few comrades in arms. From the hypnotic groove of opener “Range Rover Bitch” through the closing rave-up “I’ve Got Some Not Being Around You To Do Today,” KOTA mixes Hawkins’ chops and influences with a true-to-life cast of characters to create a meditation on life as a rockstar stranded in the suburbs. It’s a short, sweet series of vignettes, but one that still strives to honor the tradition of Blur’s Parklife and The Kinks’ Are The Village Green Preservation Society.

Pre-orders and first single “Range Rover Bitch” are available now at


1. Range Rover Bitch
2. Bob Quit His Job
3. Southern Belles
4. Rudy
5. Tokyo No No
6. I’ve Got Some Not Being Around You To Do Today


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